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Hypno for Life
Solution Focused Hypnotherapy differs from earlier forms of therapy by encouraging you to focus on a positive image of your problem-free future rather than looking backwards for the cause or symptoms of the problem itself. It is a highly effective and liberating approach.
  • Do you feel stressed and anxious?
  • Are you hindered by your negative thinking?
  • Do parts of your life feel like a struggle?
  • Is your self-doubt stopping you?
  • Does your lack of confidence get in your way?
Every time you have a negative thought, it creates anxiety and stress which is then accumulated and stored in the body and mind. When you have a high amount of stress, you begin to operate in the emotional part of your brain, the part of the brain where thought processes are most often based on irrationalassessments of any situation. This creates a vicious cycle of more stress and more anxiety, leading to feelings such as: low confidence, self-doubt, fears and lack of control.You are not alone. Many people struggle with stress and anxiety which is a common symptom of the pressures of modern day life.

The good news is that there is a solution!



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